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Random thoughts and info about me.

Anyone ever read this stuff?

More about self education and using online tutorials.

My thoughts on learning and self education. This article is primarily based on the learning and use of 2D and 3D art applications. This article is more for myself than anyone. I’m always learning and experimenting with new programs and techniques. I wrote this as way of helping myself understand what it is i’m actually doing when learning new things…

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Art school or not?

I recently received and email from someone asking about art school and how to go about getting the financial aid to get into one. As things tend to happen it ended up being a long winded email on my part as this is something I am all too aware of. Below you will find my response grammatical errors and all! I hope this helps others…

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Digital Media and Traditional Media

Something I’ve always mentioned but never talked about at length. Why I chose to work in digital media instead of traditional media? First, let me say that choosing one or the other does not mean I am forever stuck with that one decision. I am free to float between the two media as I chose. I rarely deal in absolutes…

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My journey as an artist

I’ve always been drawing, painting, and making marks, what ever you want to call it. My father, brother, and sister where always drawing, my father worked in oils, my brother used everything and my sister, well..she would paint huge 70’s era lettering and psychedelic art on her bedroom walls. She would also constantly provide me with those black velvet “do…

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Purpose of this website

The purpose of this website is to house what I consider my best or most interesting works.  Unfortunately, this may exclude various client projects I have done over the years. I will also do my best to keep a regular blog, as you can see by looking at the top, or bottom of this site, I belong to various social…

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Website update

Well, the bulk of it is there. Still have some things that need to be fixed and I should be ready to leave it alone…at least until I get bored with this design. That usually happens every 6 to 9 months.

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New Website

After much deliberation I have decided to completely rework my website. I have trimmed down hundreds of images to only the best and made sure that the focus of the website is strictly on the image. More to come when I get the time.

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